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How This Boot Camp Works
  • The boot camp consists of 4 weekly Success Guides: Find Quick Savings, Manage Your Credit and Debt Wisely, Protect Your Family and Assets, Save More for the Future
  • Each Success Guide is broken into simple steps designed to take you about 20-30 minutes a day to complete
  • You can go at your own pace
  • Each Success Guide follows a 5 step process: Assess, Learn, Act, Share, Advance
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A short quiz to help you diagnose your personal financial condition.
Learn the nuts and bolts about the topic from the team of trusted experts.
Specific tasks combined with practical tools to get you to take action. Step up your game. No procrastination, no excuses.
Anonymously share your experiences and dilemmas with others. Ask questions. Our team of experts, is on hand to answer them.
Additional resources empower you to continue learning at your own pace and advance to the next level.
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About Us

MyMoneyCircles is a free online personal finance community designed to help you take manageable steps toward stronger financial health. Our experts have a combined 60 years of experience, and deep understanding of even the most complex personal finance issues.

With deals, online tools, checklists, quizzes--and above all, expert help--MyMoneyCircles gives you the tools to save more, get out of debt and otherwise meet your financial goals. It's like a team of personal trainers for your money, but free and easy to access online.

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